Cape Smokey is immediately adjacent to Canada’s Cape Breton National Park and the iconic Cabot Trail. Canadians are as proud of it as Americans are of the iconic Route 66.

Ocean and mountains in one place

Long beaches, amazing trails and a ski paradise in winter. This isCanada’s Cape Smokey

Here you don’t have to decide whether to ski, ride crazy trails, wander through a national park, play golf or sail a boat. Go for it all, because it’s all within reach. And in pure perfection. The slope ends at the sea, from the cable car above water you can see whales. The sea is clean and full of fish and the beaches are endless. You can enjoy the Canadian autumn while walking in the treetops. And the snow at its finest in winter falls and falls. Get to know Cape Smokey.

Main advantages of the project

Nova Scotia – nature, tranquillity and great potential

The third most beautiful island
in the world

Neighbourhood of the National Park
Cape Breton

Ideal air connection
to Europe

A gondola that takes you to the top of Cape Smokey in summer and winter

350 cm of snowfall
per year

Only five hours difference from
Central European Time

Eight golf courses, but also trails
or water skiing

Nestled next to the harbour, access to civilization, including the airport and hospital are within a reasonable distance

Cape Smokey

Rapid development and great opportunities

The Cape Smokey area is a famous Canadian resort. It is very difficult to find accommodation there in summer. However, we realized that the winter months, when tourism is subdued for now, have great potential.

That is why we purchased the local ski area directly from the province. In 2020, we put it into operation and are gradually improving it. What is key for us besides the ski slopes is the cable car that connects the top of the slopes and the ocean. Thanks to the enchanting view of the bay, the gondola is used both in winter and summer.

The ski resort was most popular with Canadians in the 1980s and 1990s, and even hosted the 1987 Canada Winter Games. We feel there is a great demand from the people of the Canadian provinces and the adjacent north-eastern US for such a site and we intend to meet it. We have good reason to expect that accommodation capacities will be occupied throughout the year. We now offer you the opportunity to be there with us.

Nova Scotia

Nature, peace and great potential

Nova Scotia is one of the Coastal Provinces of Canada. Of all the Canadian regions, this Atlantic-washed territory is the closest to Europe. The time difference from Greenwich Mean Time is only four hours, from our Central European Time it is one hour more.

  • The third most beautiful island in the world
  • A gondola that connects the coast and the ski resort
  • Eight golf courses, but also trails or water skiing
  • Neighbourhood of Cape Breton National Park
  • Excellent snow conditions
  • Ideal air connection to Europe
  • East Coast and only five hours difference from Central European Time
  • Civilization, and with it an airport, a hospital, a harbour within easy reach

The provincial capital of Halifax has 440,000 inhabitants, a harbour and an international airport with regular flights to Europe and the USA. The tourist destination of Ingonish, where you will find our project, is located in the north-eastern part of the region on the island of Cape Breton. The island is connected to the mainland by an embankment, and the journey from Halifax takes less than five hours by car.

Why is it advantageous to own a property here?

Cape Breton: The third most beautiful island in the world

Compared to buying a property in Vancouver or Toronto, we offer you a higher appreciation. And that’s not all. It is also an opportunity to be part of a new professionally prepared project and in a magnificent environment. Cape Breton is considered to be the third most beautiful island in the world and the Ingonish area is a very promising tourist destination.

For us, Central Europeans, the climate is also great, the seasons and summer or winter temperatures are very similar to ours. Forget the bitter cold of Canada’s inland areas.

We approach your investment in a way that makes it largely self-financing and requires a minimum of your attention. In addition, we are prepared to provide immediate legal continuity in case of an unexpected life event.

You won’t find this anywhere else

Cape Smokey is the only place in the world where a ski slope ends in the ocean. Foolishness? The Cape Smokey reality.

What are the conditions for skiing? Absolutely perfect! The gondola that we put into operation here will take you comfortably to the top of the hill for a unique experience as you descend towards the ocean.

We’ve already said that the winter temperatures here are similar to ours. But you definitely can’t say the same about snow! In winter here, it just snows and snows. Winter snowfall exceeds 350 centimetres and the ski season starts just before Christmas and peaks in February and March when the sun is at its highest.

Get to know the term “Champagne Powder”. That’s the name of the local kind of snow. It is powdery, dry and soft and is generally considered to be the best for skiing, even in ungroomed terrain.

A golfer’s paradise

Nearby Cape Smokey, just five minutes away by car, is a golf course Cape Breton Highlands Links.

It dates back to 1939 and was designed by the famous architect Stanley Thompson, who built more than 170 courses in Canada and others in the USA, Brazil and Jamaica.

On the other side of the island you can play on the best Canadian course at the moment, Cabot Cliffs, which is ranked by experts as one of the world’s top courses. In total, there are eight golf resorts on the island alone.

At Cape Smokey, we know how to build a house
that meets the standards you have come to expect from us.

How do I get to Cape Smokey?

Air connections from Europe are convenient. The flight from London to Halifax takes just 6 hours. From Prague you can travel to Toronto or Montreal and then take a connecting flight to Halifax or Sydney.

It takes less than five hours to get from Halifax to Ingonish. The journey from Sydney takes 90 minutes. You won’t see increased traffic on the road, even in busy months. You will spend the entire car journey on the newly laid comfortable highway.

You can also take a helicopter from Sydney, the flight takes 15 minutes. You will save time and see beautiful nature in a broader context.

Our buildings are more durable than similar houses in the area. They are not immediately adjacent to the open sea, but are located in the bay and are thus perfectly protected from the wind and waves. The houses are designed in such a way that they will not be endangered even by the possible rise of the ocean level.

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