About the project

We are building a village inspired by innovation and Czech architecture while maintaining the integrity, charm and tranquility of this unique location. Ingonish, Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada is a wonderful opportunity for growth. Thanks to Cape Smokey, this area will gradually grow to two thousand houses, apartments, restaurants and other services, including access to a marina and a Czech brewery. An outdoor recreation area is being created here, which starts down by the sea and ends up in the mountains.

We’ve already started!

Twenty years, that’s how long we expect to invest in and develop the area. In 2021, we completed the construction of the first Atlantic Gondola. The lower station is located at the base of the mountain near sea level and the longest slope is 2.5 kilometers long. This allows for incredible skiing from sky to ocean.

The marina is already part of the facilities. You can see what life we have brought to Cape Smokey on our official Canadian website.

Your investment opportunity

We are currently offering you the opportunity to join the project in the first phase.

We are building a total of 27 houses in this phase, which will be completed and operational in 2025.
They will be operated by our company CSH, which owns the entire leisure complex, including the cable car and marina. The first six apartment houses have already been sold.

Eight properties for sale

We are now launching the sale of a total of eight properties in the village across the sea. We offer their owners the opportunity to drive to their new Canadian home themselves, or they can entrust their property to us and we will take care of its operation, maintenance and rental. Canadians love this area and the demand for vacation homes here continues to outstrip the supply.

Stock opportunity for smaller investors

Become a shareholder. This offer is suitable for smaller investors. The first five houses in phase 1 have been purchased by a second company CAPE SMOKEY 1.PHASE, as. who are now offering you the sale of shares in this company. There are a total of 500 shares on offer, the share price is CZK 280,000.

The first phase has a number of advantages

Why join the project now?

  • this phase of the project involves the most attractive area with a location directly by the sea
  • assumption of property price growth over time
  • quick liquidity of invested funds – sale of shares
  • distribution of your capital – investment abroad, but with Czech service
  • shareholder benefits of on-site accommodation
  • the potential for future investment in the further development of the whole site
  • interesting jobs in Canada (especially for the younger generation), including the advantage of possible Canadian citizenship

We create a year-round experience and a sense of home

We are building a resort that will operate all year round

What’s more, Cape Smokey won’t just be a tourist destination, it will become home to many people. A place where people used to just stop to enjoy the views during their travels is gradually becoming a resort where Canadians go to relax while whale watching or spend time doing activities like trails, skiing or sailing. We are gradually expanding the offer to the planned fifty attractions and activities.

Three ways to connect with Cape Smokey

Our business model has several variants and you can choose the one that suits you best

Build your second home in Cape Smokey.

Canada’s Atlantic coast represents stability and security, and Canada’s legal system is one of the most stable in the world.

Only visit the bay for a few weeks or months out of the year, like a summer cottage.

This is exactly how you can equip and use your property. What’s more, you can lease it through us on dates when your cottage is available. The decision is entirely up to you.


If, like us, you sense a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the Cape Smokey environment to invest, now is the perfect time. The apartment buildings, which we are building in the first phase directly by the ocean, will be leased and operated by us as a joint stock company.

We are giving Cape Smokey a second wind to bring about new growth and opportunity

Forty years ago, a ski resort was established in Cape Smokey, which was one of the venues for the Canada Sports Games. The ski hill was under resourced and facing a questionable future and was operating under marginal conditions by a dedicated volunteer group with limited resources.

We purchased the resort in 2019 with the hope to rebuild this iconic place that will not only be talked about and written about, but where most of all, people will come and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains, ocean, forests, lakes and national park.

We are moving the experience from Lipno to Canada

You’ve heard that somewhere before, haven’t you? An area with year-round use, ski slope with views, treetop walktrail. And also marina, walks, running, cycling, hotel, restaurants and much more. Why does that sound so familiar? Among our investors are Miloš Kratochvíl and Martin Krupauer, who have been building the Lipno resort for thirty years. In Cape Smokey, their know-how was combined with the entrepreneurial experience and drive of Martin Kulík and Jiří Kejval. Together, this foursome represents a strong team whose reputation should convince you of the meaningfulness, stability and profitability of the project.

We are considerate neighbours

We make sure that our project, which is being built in close proximity to a national park, meets sustainability standards. All construction practices are in line with the ecological demands of the 21st century. We also maintain an ongoing dialogue with the local community in order to organically engage with the local environment and contribute to the area in every way.

You might be interested in

For clients who do not plan to reside in Canada on a long-term basis, we recommend that the property be owned by a company that you set up to operate the property. We can help you register this company and set up an account with Scotiabank. Our legal representative in Canada can then perform most of the legal work for you.

If you need to engage the services of local lawyers, we recommend using Cox & Palmer. We have been a satisfied client for several years. If you purchase the property as a corporate entity, you can register for value added tax (HST) and save 15%.

Under Nova Scotia law, real property is defined as your interest in a condominium. This gives you ownership of the land and building in question. You also get a share in the common areas and voting rights in the condominium in relation to your share.

First you need to sign a reservation contract. It defines the entire legislative process and the timeline of the project. The document indicates the building lot and the extent of the entire condominium. The agreement includes addenda – a purchase and construction agreement, condominium bylaws and a basic description of the agreement for the commercial lease of the property and its maintenance. You then sign a Purchase and Sell Agreement, which obliges the seller to transfer the building and land to you within a certain period of time. Upon completion of the construction, you become the owner with voting rights in the condominium.

We are ready to provide you with all legal, tax, accounting and auditing services related to running a company. We will also enter into a property lease agreement with you. When you are not in Canada, we can arrange a commercial lease for your property. At the end of the financial year (always on 30 April), you will receive a statement comparing the rental income and the actual costs, including maintenance and taxes. These services will be provided by an authorised company with all the necessary permits.

The tax system in Canada is similar to ours. Value added tax is 15%, but unlike in the Czech Republic, it is also levied on land. Profit tax is set at 15%. The biggest difference lies in the property tax, which is rather symbolic in the Czech Republic. In Nova Scotia, this is 1.5% of the appraisal price. The amount is set by the local tax office. You can appeal against the price set.

We expect the estimated prices to be moderate initially. However, they will gradually increase. At the same time, we anticipate that your rental income will increase as the resort develops. Currently, there is no additional tax burden to consider when operating a property.

Generally, obtaining a work permit or permanent residency is time-consuming but manageable. Each case is assessed individually. You should always be guided through the process by a specialist solicitor, whose services we can arrange for you if desired.

There are several immigration programmes in Canada. For example, there is currently a programme for citizens of selected European countries, including the Czech Republic. It applies to people up to 35 years of age who are studying or have completed university education. The process is significantly easier and faster.

Canada is experiencing an urgent labour shortage and can be expected to remain welcoming to newcomers.

The friendly mentality of Canadians, the perfect air connection to Europe, the year-round use, the tourist demand, the environmental sustainability… all these are reasons why this place will win you over. Cape Smokey offers you a great investment opportunity and, if you feel like it, a change of lifestyle.

Interested in buying a house in Canada?