We design, build and sell

Homes in Nova Scotia, Canada

Cape Smokey

You too can take part in the creation of a village across the sea inspired by Czech architecture

In close proximity to Cape Breton Highlands National Park on the north-east coast of Canada, in an area where the temperatures and changes in seasons are very similar to those in Central Europe, we are building the Cape Smokey resort.

Our goal is not a small one – within twenty to thirty years we want to build a mountain town and at the same time a seaside town of about 2000 units – houses, flats, apartments, restaurants, services of various kinds, and we expect also a Czech brewery.

You can get involved now. We have started selling more apartment houses – for living or for investment.

Main advantages of the project

Nova Scotia – nature, tranquillity and great potential

The third most beautiful island
in the world

Neighbourhood of the National Park
Cape Breton

Ideal air connection
to Europe

A gondola that takes you to the top of Cape Smokey in summer and winter

350 cm of snowfall
per year

Only five hours difference from
Central European Time

Eight golf courses, but also trails
or water skiing

Nestled next to the harbour, access to civilization, including the airport and hospital are within a reasonable distance

Why should you be interested in Cape Smokey?

It is a place where you can find everything you love mountains and sea, skiing and sailing. And of course golf.

At Cape Smokey, we build properties that not only provide a great investment opportunity, but can also satisfy those looking for a beautiful setting, tranquillity and perhaps a change in lifestyle.

The welcoming mentality of Canadians, the fast air links to Europe, the year-round use, are all reasons why this place has totally won us over. It could also win you over thanks to its interesting economic and ecological sustainability. A recreational area is being created here, starting down by the sea and ending up in the mountains.

We are considerate neighbours

We make sure that our project, which is being built in close proximity to a national park, meets sustainability standards.

All construction practices are in line with the ecological demands of the 21st century. We also maintain an ongoing dialogue with the local community to ensure that we are organically involved in the local environment and contribute to the area in every way.

At Cape Smokey, we can build a home that meets the standards you have come to expect from us.

We have started the sale

We currently offer for sale 6 family houses. 8 houses have already been sold.

We offer you the opportunity to participate in the creation of a village in the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia inspired by Czech investors. In Phase 1, we are building 27 houses, which will be completed and operational in 2025.

Interested in buying a house in Canada?